Living a Life That is Clean

The little things that we do every day make a big difference- from the food we eat, to the clothing we put on, to what we wash our bodies with. Using purchasing power to drive what is produced and consumed is the most powerful way to make choices for our planet. Seeking out clean sources for energy, transportation, home decor, clothing, food, and home care are just a few. Energy companies are catching on by offering clean energy alternatives such as- solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. There are hybrid and electric cars if we can’t rely solely on public transportation. We can also cut down on driving by carpooling or by walking or riding our bikes. Clothing companies are now starting to source materials such as organic cotton and sustainable fibers like hemp. Buying locally grown meat, dairy, and produce or shopping bulk and organic are all ways to contribute to a cleaner planet. We at Eco H+B Care are committed to care for you and our home- the planet. It is our promise to only attain ingredients from ethically derived sources that are the cleanest possible, be it as, organic, wildcrafted, fair trade, sustainable, and not threatening the natural ecosystems of the planet.